White and healthy teeth significantly increase your self-confidence and ensure an excellent first impression. With a bright smile we look youthful and glowing.

In La Dentista, we absolutely know it, therefore we help our patients achieve a ravishing effect in a quick, effective and, above all, safe way.


In-surgery whitening

PrevDent is a safe whitening system, compliant with EU requirements, for use in a dental surgery.

The PrevDent CrWR procedure differs from other whitening products available in dental offices because of containing nano-hydroxyapatite. Extensive research and literature show that nano-hydroxyapatite remineralises enamel and significantly reduces hypersensitivity. Teeth become brighter, whiter and healthier. The system restores their natural whiteness!

How much can you whiten your teeth?

Research shows that using the Prevdent method, we can achieve a whiteness 7-8 shades lighter from the current state. The result will also depend on the current colour and patient's own conditions.

Is this procedure safe?

Yes, the Prevdent lamp whitening procedure is safe. During this procedure, the tooth enamel is not damaged. Such effect is achieved due the advanced ingredient formula, the main of which is nano-hydroxyapatite (hydroxyapatite is the main component of the enamel, approx. 97%). Artificially produced hydroxyapatite, thanks to the appropriate proportion of calcium to phosphorus, has the same properties as its natural equivalent. The second component is low-concentrated, 6% hydrogen peroxide (percentage compliant the latest EU requirements).

How long will my teeth stay white?

The effect of the teeth whitening procedure using the Prevdent system can last from 2 to 3 years. Obviously, the result will also depend on the individual conditions of the patient and his eating habits. Other Prevdent hygiene products help keep whiteness as long as possible.

Is the Prevdent whitening procedure right for me?

Almost every patient who wants his teeth to become brighter and healthier can ask for the Prevdent procedure in the surgery. Your dentist will dispel all your doubts and provide professional advice.

Is it a painful procedure?

The Prevdent procedure is almost painless. Only in some cases (increased sensitivity before) a slight hypersensitivity may appear during and after the procedure (up to 24 hours). As a result, the Prevdent teeth whitening procedure is recommended for patients with tooth hypersensitivity. Nano-hydroxyapatite contained in the active foam ultimately mineralizes the enamel and reduces prior hypersensitivity.

Is it an expensive procedure?

Consindering that within around 90 minutes your teeth will be whiter and healthier, and the effect will remain for the next 2 or 3 years, it will be an investment you will not regret. Remember, whiter and healthier teeth give you more self-confidence!

What is the procedure?

First, your dentist will check the condition of your teeth. Then the dentist will secure the oral cavity, gums and lips. The procedure itself takes about 1 hour, after which your teeth will glow with natural whiteness again. Easy, quick and efficient.

Prevdent technology

For the production of the whitening gel, the Prevdent company uses technologically advanced ingredients in order to effectively remove tooth discoloration caused by, for example, smoking, drinking tea, coffee or red wine. The Prevdent system is a special system containing a unique combination of 6% hydrogen peroxide with nano-hydroxyapatite.

What after surgery?

For at least 24 hours after whitening, it is recommended to avoid eating or drinking any colourings (coke, coffee, tea, red meat, tomatoes, soy sauce, curry, beetroots, etc.). This also applies to fruit, with the exception of bananas. During this time, you should be on a "white diet", which means eating products such as milk, water, white bread, fish, rice, cottage cheese. Follow the rule: I shouldn't eat anything that might stain my white shirt.

After whitening

If you want to check what your teeth will look like after whitening, check the before and after photos at http://zdrowabiel.pl/galeria/


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Modern dentistry fosters patients and doctors on their way for a beautiful smile. Through extraordinary and unlimited techniques, it allows to keep your teeth strong and healthy.



Nowadays, conservative treatment allows you to achieve a stunning visual effect along with high durability. It involves keeping the teeth in the most natural shape and colour, using fillings that are wonderfully aesthetic.



Do you suffer from permanent headache and your teeth are hypersensitive? Do you feel that each night your teeth are worn more and more, and brushing your teeth causes bleeding?



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White and healthy teeth significantly increase your self-confidence and ensure an excellent first impression. With a bright smile we look youthful and glowing.



Microscopic root canal treatment is a field in which we specialize, therefore we offer fully professional patient care, ensuring maximum comfort and a guarantee of a quick recovery.


La Dentista in Wrocław is an intimate place where our patients can feel safe and be sure of excellent treatment results. Each team member uses a microscope in their work, which guarantees the highest precision of treatment.


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