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We believe in comfortable and effective dental treatment, therefore we apply this rule with full responsibility during root canal treatment. La Dentista is specialized in root canal treatment in Wrocław, Poland. The entire procedure is carried out with the use of microscope. We are constantly expanding our knowledge in solutions that increase the comfort of our patients and bring the effectiveness of treatment, enabling us to work with modern technology at the same time. La Dentista is a place where highly-skilled endodontists are always successful.

Microscopic root canal treatment is a field in which we specialize, therefore we offer fully professional patient care, ensuring maximum comfort and a guarantee of a quick recovery. The professionalism of the root canal treatment and the positive feedback from our patients gives us the feeling that we perform our work with diligence and high quality.

Does root canal treatment hurt? 

Root canal treatment is usually associated with discomfort and pain after the treatment, and even the possibility of its occurrence during the procedure. Dentistry is a rapidly developing area of medicine, offering patients the access to high-quality technological solutions, that can eliminate even the slightest feeling of discomfort. Therefore, in our surgery, the root canal treatment is carried out with the use of the innovative computer anesthesia - The Wand.

A tool resembling a pen with a very small needle, precisely doses anesthetic, that is individually adjusted to the patient. Moreover, the needle is covered with an anesthetic, so from the very beginning of its application, the patient does not feel any pain. Anesthetic applied with the use of computer allows a to provide a perfectly calculated dose that is sufficient for the duration of the treatment. At the same time, it does not disturb the comfort of the patient immediately after the treatment is completed. First Thus, the long-lasting outwear of swelling is not present.

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment, i.e. endodontic treatment, consists in the diagnosis and treatment of changes in the innervated and vascularized part of the tooth together with the bone area in which it is embedded. The root canal treatment is carried out on teeth that can be qualified for extraction. So it can be said, this is a way to save teeth.

The treatment procedure and activities are complicated and require the knowledge and precision from a dentist. The process of root canal treatment consists of:

- opening the tooth and cleaning it from the pulp. The pulp is also removed from the root canals, and then the inner space is rinsed with chemicals. It also stems from the fact, that within the pulp there are very often bacterial habitats that have directly contributed to the need of root canal treatment.

- after thorough cleaning, the canal is filled with a biocompatible material, neutral to the human body. The purpose of the filling is to prevent the possible re-emergence of an infection that could spread to the bordering canals.

- the treatment ends with the reconstruction of the tooth. After the treatment is finished, the tooth does not contain pulp any longer, it is dead, therefore it turns darker. To maintain the aesthetic visual effect, especially on the teeth visible while smiling, we suggest using veneers that will successfully imitate the natural whiteness and shine.

Root canal treatment is successful in over 90% cases and guarantees the wellness of the tooth for many years. This is, undoubtedly, due to the use of a microscope during the treatment. Root canal treatment requires high precision from the dentist, and the microscope improves the visibility of the tooth and its canals, as well as provides good lighting. Such modern approach also excludes the risk of breaking a tool and leaving it in the canal, which could result in negative consequences such as pain even after many years. Microscopic root canal treatment is also a guarantee of reaching all canals and spaces which are inaccessible in case of traditional treatment methods. The procedure carried out with the microscope is a guarantee of a correct diagnosis, successful treatment procedure, and the highest adoption rate of the treated tooth.

Root canal treatment in pregnancy - what you should know

A common stereotype that a pregnant woman should not visit the dentist throughout pregnancy is false. Untreated teeth and suddenly developing inflammation will not only affect the health and condition of the future mother, but can also advance childbirth. Therefore, during pregnancy, a woman should not skip standard checkups. What is also important, pregnancy is a condition that is associated with hormonal changes in the woman's body. They influence, for example, the change of saliva pH, and thus directly the possibility of microbial growth in the oral cavity. The acidity of consumed foods and drinks is not indifferent to the teeth as well.

Is root canal treatment during pregnancy possible and safe?

Root canal treatment during pregnancy is not recommended in the first trimester. It is related to the period when the most important life processes take place in developing new life. However, root canal treatment is possible in the further stages of pregnancy, all the more, the use of a microscope eliminates the need for X-ray. The entire treatment process and the materials used are also completely safe for the future mother.

Root canal treatment - price list

The cost of the treatment is conditioned by several factors, mainly the quality of the materials used. Nickel-titanium tools, chemical preparations used for rinsing and restoration of a dead tooth. Root canal treatment consists of a series of preparatory activities and materials, therefore the cost of the treatment is relatively high.


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Microscopic root canal treatment is a field in which we specialize, therefore we offer fully professional patient care, ensuring maximum comfort and a guarantee of a quick recovery.


La Dentista in Wrocław is an intimate place where our patients can feel safe and be sure of excellent treatment results. Each team member uses a microscope in their work, which guarantees the highest precision of treatment.


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A visit to Wrocław may not only be about professional dental treatment, but also getting to know one of the most beautiful cities in Poland!


You can reach Wrocław by train to the WROCŁAW - LEŚNICA station (also from Dresden), by Flixbus, by car and by plane.
The La Dentista office is located just 12 minutes by car from the airport, right at the main intersection in Leśnica.

  • direct flight in 2 hours from the largest European cities.
  • numerous flights of low-cost airlines (Wizz Air, Ryanair, Enter Air) comfort during the journey and after landing - modern airport
  • by car you can reach Wrocław via the A4 motorway or the A18 motorway (part of the Berlin-Wrocław route) and the S8 expressway.
  • Access by tram, Line: 3, 10, 20
  • Access by bus, lines: 101, 148


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