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Dental prosthetics is a great way to bring back a beautiful smile. In La Dentista our patients receive professional help thanks to perfectly fitted restorations.
Each case is analyzed in detail and discussed individually by a prosthetist. All of this to achieve the most natural and lasting effect.

A perfectly matched prosthetic restoration is distinguished not only by high aesthetics and natural appearance, but also the highest comfort of use.


A crown is part of the tooth that is visible, and which makes if our smile attractive. In case of extensive damage to the tooth crown and lack of possibility to place the filling, it is necessary to restore it. A prosthetic crown is permanently placed in the mouth and, apart from a practical function, it can also improve the quality of a smile due to its aesthetic value.

Types of crowns used:

  1. Porcelain crowns

    On a metal foundation (steel or gold). Their insides are made of dark metal, while outside they are made of highly aesthetic porcelain.

  2. All-ceramic crowns

    Are entirely made of porcelain or zirconium and porcelain. They are distinguished by the highest aesthetics and a long-lasting, natural effect. All-ceramic crowns are easy to keep clean and in perfect condition throughout the lifetime.


A bridge recreates a missing tooth (even three of them if they are next to each other) in a very aesthetic way. Unfortunately, in order to install a bridge, you need to grind the teeth next to the gap. Bridges consist of prosthetic crowns, which are mounted on pillar teeth (these are the ones that need to be ground). They are connected to the span or spans, i.e. artificial teeth, replacing the natural ones.


Implants use the latest technologies and are the most effective way to replace missing teeth. A correctly inserted implant can perfectly imitate a natural tooth in all respects and serve for many years. It is invisible - it is a screw-shaped element that is the root of the crown that is put on later. Implants, thanks to the materials they are made of (titanium or zirconium oxide), are completely neutral and therefore safe for the human body. Moreover, their crowns have the highest aesthetics, making the patient's smile even more beautiful.

Complementing missing teeth significantly improves the patient's quality of life by increasing the chewing efficiency, stopping damage to the remaining teeth and improving the aesthetic value of both the smile and the entire face. Missing teeth (especially the back ones) contribute to accelerated skin aging and changes in the face shape. On the other hand, properly selected restorations improve the face oval and ensure the youthful look effect.

Perfectly recreated natural teeth are a guarantee of health and well-being, as well as increased self-confidence!


In La Dentista, we provide a two-year warranty for the performed prosthetic works.


What should the perfect dental treatment be like? Quick, comfortable, and most importantly  effective. Check our offer for more information.



Modern dentistry fosters patients and doctors on their way for a beautiful smile. Through extraordinary and unlimited techniques, it allows to keep your teeth strong and healthy.



Nowadays, conservative treatment allows you to achieve a stunning visual effect along with high durability. It involves keeping the teeth in the most natural shape and colour, using fillings that are wonderfully aesthetic.



Do you suffer from permanent headache and your teeth are hypersensitive? Do you feel that each night your teeth are worn more and more, and brushing your teeth causes bleeding?



Dental prosthetics is a great way to bring back a beautiful smile. In La Dentista our patients receive professional help thanks to perfectly fitted restorations.



White and healthy teeth significantly increase your self-confidence and ensure an excellent first impression. With a bright smile we look youthful and glowing.



Microscopic root canal treatment is a field in which we specialize, therefore we offer fully professional patient care, ensuring maximum comfort and a guarantee of a quick recovery.


La Dentista in Wrocław is an intimate place where our patients can feel safe and be sure of excellent treatment results. Each team member uses a microscope in their work, which guarantees the highest precision of treatment.


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Telephone registration
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A visit to Wrocław may not only be about professional dental treatment, but also getting to know one of the most beautiful cities in Poland!


You can reach Wrocław by train to the WROCŁAW - LEŚNICA station (also from Dresden), by Flixbus, by car and by plane.
The La Dentista office is located just 12 minutes by car from the airport, right at the main intersection in Leśnica.

  • direct flight in 2 hours from the largest European cities.
  • numerous flights of low-cost airlines (Wizz Air, Ryanair, Enter Air) comfort during the journey and after landing - modern airport
  • by car you can reach Wrocław via the A4 motorway or the A18 motorway (part of the Berlin-Wrocław route) and the S8 expressway.
  • Access by tram, Line: 3, 10, 20
  • Access by bus, lines: 101, 148


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