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Conservative treatment

Nowadays, conservative treatment allows you to achieve a stunning visual effect along with high durability. It involves keeping the teeth in the most natural shape and colour, using fillings that are wonderfully aesthetic. For such excellent results, we use the best fillings available on the market - GC G-aenial..

In this case, aesthetic dentistry uses a microscope, which guarantees the highest precision of treatment.

The microscope allows to enlarge and illuminate the image accurately, so that any contamination is perfectly visible. As a result, a tooth is ideally cleaned of caries, and the fillings are placed really tight. Conservative treatment is to heal cavities and thus to avoid the need for root canal treatment. All that for patients’ well-being.

Treatment of milk teeth

In the case of cosmetic dentistry, milk teeth are particularly prone to caries, and unfortunately their treatment is often neglected. This is an unforgivable mistake, as untreated caries spreads to permanent teeth.

Moreover, the early loss of milk teeth leads to disorders in the development of the mandible and maxilla. This may result in the need of applying an orthodontic braces or surgery.

Healthy teeth without pain

Aesthetic dentistry is also about drilling and is many patients’ nightmare. However, in LaDentista the pain problem has been resolved thanks to the unique device The Wand and thus the treatment is completely painless. This computer system doses the local anesthesia very slowly. This translates into high effectiveness and lack of discomfort associated with classic anesthesia! Both the treatment itself and the application of anesthesia takes place without unnecessary pain and anxiety. We care about the peace and well-being of out patients at every stage of treatment. Having a healthy smile, you should also take care of its aesthetic side. In La Dentista, we achieve great results throughout skillful use of modern technologies. We make prosthetic restorations, with attention to the smallest details, such as colour and shape. We know it perfectly well that the best effect must be natural, without any traces of artificiality and individually tailored to the patient.

We strive to provide natural beauty by using:

  • Porcelain veneers. They allow you to embody great aesthetic effects, perfectly masking any discolorations.
  • Full-ceramic crowns. Perfectly made, they give natural, aesthetic effect, correcting imperfections.
  • Teeth whitening.


What should the perfect dental treatment be like? Quick, comfortable, and most importantly  effective. Check our offer for more information.



Modern dentistry fosters patients and doctors on their way for a beautiful smile. Through extraordinary and unlimited techniques, it allows to keep your teeth strong and healthy.



Nowadays, conservative treatment allows you to achieve a stunning visual effect along with high durability. It involves keeping the teeth in the most natural shape and colour, using fillings that are wonderfully aesthetic.



Do you suffer from permanent headache and your teeth are hypersensitive? Do you feel that each night your teeth are worn more and more, and brushing your teeth causes bleeding?



Dental prosthetics is a great way to bring back a beautiful smile. In La Dentista our patients receive professional help thanks to perfectly fitted restorations.



White and healthy teeth significantly increase your self-confidence and ensure an excellent first impression. With a bright smile we look youthful and glowing.



Microscopic root canal treatment is a field in which we specialize, therefore we offer fully professional patient care, ensuring maximum comfort and a guarantee of a quick recovery.


La Dentista in Wrocław is an intimate place where our patients can feel safe and be sure of excellent treatment results. Each team member uses a microscope in their work, which guarantees the highest precision of treatment.


Opening hours
Monday - friday 8 - 14

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A visit to Wrocław may not only be about professional dental treatment, but also getting to know one of the most beautiful cities in Poland!


You can reach Wrocław by train, Flixbus, car or plane.

  • La Dentista is located just 10 minutes from the airport, right next to A8 motorway (Wrocław Stadion junction)
  • Direct trains from Berlin and Dresden
  • Direct flights in maximum 2 hours from major European cities
  • Numerous flights of low-cost airlines (Wizzair, Ryanair)
  • Comfort during the journey and after landing - a modern airport
  • By car, you can reach Wrocław via A4 or A18 motorways
  • By bus – line 101, 103 and 104
  • By tram – line 31 and 32


Contact us without fear, for healthy teeth.

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